The Red Plus is one of three of our studios uniquely featuring a powerful Turbosound speaker system and QSC pa.  


The 32 plus 4 Soundcraft GB8 desk, and DBX pa management system makes this the ideal studio for bands who need quality and excellent sound control without priority being given to lockouts.  The Turbosound speaker system provides excellent frequency range and is particularly suitable for dj and computer driven soundtracks, but equally good at delivering crystal clear vocals.  Like all our other rooms it was designed by Recording Architecture and acoustic treatment was built by Blackbox so the sound isolation and acoustics are excellent. The room is upstairs with a double lobby so for those who want extra privacy it is especially suitable. 

The red studio can also be used as a control room for Soundstage as there is cable access between the 2 rooms.

All our first floor rehearsal studios are fully ventilated and air conditioned, with glass block windows. We supply free Wifi. There is a spares shop for emergency strings and things and a drinks and snacks shop. Lift and wheel chair (NO STEP) access is available throughout the building. A shower is provided on the ground floor. Long and short term storage is available, including 24 hr access. A full range of backline hire is also available.  

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Our largest room, the Sound Stage, is available for lockout . It features a 40+4 channel front of house desk and a seperate 32 channel 8 way...
Capactiy Accessible 20 (non-band 50)
Our second lockout room features a 32 +4 channel desk with a powerful and clear Turbosound FOH and 6 way Turbosound monitor mix run through a DBX...
Capactiy Accessible 12 (non-band 25)
The Red Plus is one of three of our studios uniquely featuring a powerful Turbosound speaker system and QSC pa.
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
The Orange rehearsal room is excellent for tour preparation. With its powerful PA and precise studio acoustics,  vocalists have no problem...
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
Featuring a mirrored wall opposite the 'stage' area, the Red rehearsal room is great for tour preparation.
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
The particular layout of this music room ('stage' area over 8 metres wide) makes it suitable for bands with a large "frontline" on...
Capactiy Accessible 10 (non-band 25)
The mini room comes fully equipped with a kit, bass amp and 2 guitar amps, vocal pa and 2 mics.
Capactiy Accessible 4 (non-band 7)
This rehearsal room, although one of our smaller rooms, is still big enough to handle a five piece band comfortably.
Capactiy Accessible 6 (non-band 10)
This rehearsal room is our best all inclusive room.
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
This room features our Schreuder piano. This piano was made by Jung Chan, the factory that makes Steinways.
Capactiy Accessible 3
The waiting room down stairs can be hired for your own exclusive use.
Capactiy Accessible 10
The upstairs waiting room is ideal for private hire as a production office, green room or dressing room in conjunction with any of the first floor...
Capactiy Accessible 45