Because we have 10 studios it is not always straight forward figuring out the most suitable studio for your needs.

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Our largest room, the Sound Stage, is available for lockout . It features a 40+4 channel front of house desk and a seperate 32 channel 8 way...
Capactiy Accessible 20 (non-band 50)
Our second lockout room features a 32 +4 channel desk with a powerful and clear Turbosound FOH and 6 way Turbosound monitor mix run through a DBX...
Capactiy Accessible 12 (non-band 25)
The Red Plus is one of three of our studios uniquely featuring a powerful Turbosound speaker system and QSC pa.
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
The Orange rehearsal room is excellent for tour preparation. With its powerful PA and precise studio acoustics,  vocalists have no problem...
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
Featuring a mirrored wall opposite the 'stage' area, the Red rehearsal room is great for tour preparation.
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
The particular layout of this music room ('stage' area over 8 metres wide) makes it suitable for bands with a large "frontline" on...
Capactiy Accessible 10 (non-band 25)
The mini room comes fully equipped with a kit, bass amp and 2 guitar amps, vocal pa and 2 mics.
Capactiy Accessible 4 (non-band 7)
This rehearsal room, although one of our smaller rooms, is still big enough to handle a five piece band comfortably.
Capactiy Accessible 6 (non-band 10)
This rehearsal room is our best all inclusive room.
Capactiy Accessible 8 (non-band 20)
This room features our Schreuder piano. This piano was made by Jung Chan, the factory that makes Steinways.
Capactiy Accessible 3
The waiting room down stairs can be hired for your own exclusive use.
Capactiy Accessible 10
The upstairs waiting room is ideal for private hire as a production office, green room or dressing room in conjunction with any of the first floor...
Capactiy Accessible 45

Studio Comparisons

Piano Writing
Desk60 digital40+432+432+4 digital32+432+422+212+46+26+4
Monitor mix8644444200
In ear mixCheckCheckCheck1100111
FOH Cross overCheckCheckCheckCheckCrossCheckCrossCrossCrossCross
Total PA rate10.5k9.8k4.8k4.8k3.6k4.8k3.1k1.7k400w100w
Max band size201288888642
Non band use502520202020201573
Suitable for show caseCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCrossCheckCrossCrossCross
Backline in roomCrossCrossCrossCrossCrossCrossCheckCheckCheckPiano only
Lockouts availableCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCrossCrossCrossCross
Playback pre-setupCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Minimum booking time12 hours12 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours4 Hours1 hour
Free WifiCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Technical SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech SpecTech Spec 

Below is a glossary of what we mean by certain more technical information. For example when you are given the power of a PA it is possible to be misleading... we have given the power that the speakers operate at when working at normal continual operation. The maximum peek and even programmed potential is greater, and this bigger power is often the power given by companies when giving you this information.

Studio comparisons explained

Desk: Number of channels on the desk.

Monitor mix: Number of mixes available in addition to the front of house mixes for which we provide monitors

In ear monitor mix: Number of mixes available in addition to the monitor mix, used to send a separate personal mix via earphones.

FOH Crossover: Crossover provided in front of house speakers, to split the signal in two so that one signal can be pushed, Eg. to get a big bass sound.

Total PA rate: The combined power that the power amps provide to all the speakers (both monitors and Front of house).

Max band size: The total number of people that can fit into to the room with comfort.  Please note this is dependent on the style of band so that a band with a lot of equipment will clearly allow for fewer band members whereas a band which mainly comprises singers will allow for more individuals in a room.


Non band use: The total number of people that can fit into to the room with comfort – when room not used by a band.  For example the Soundstage studio has had as many as 90 chairs in the room for an audience but on this occasion the space needed for the stage was small.

Backline in room: The following is included at all times in the room price: set of drums including hardware and stool, 1 bass amp, 2 guitar amps.

Suitable for show case: Suitable for band performance in front of a small group of people eg record companies

Lockouts Available: A booking from 10am to 10pm, usually booked when bands wish to stay in the same room for a number of days in a row, without packing down each night

Playback: Room comes with a lead in the desk ready to plug into your phone, computer or playback device

Tech Spec: Full professional list of PA equipment and room specifications – click to follow link for each room.