We have tried to answer all your questions here but because this world is weird and wonderful you are bound to come up with something we've never had before.  I don't know... can you store my ironing board?... Oh no, we've had that one; does your toilet seat take the weight of a fully-grown, standing adult?  In case your wondering, NO. Do Aliens exist?... Weeeell .....for more philosophical chit chat stuff, connect with us via the magical medium of social media up in the top right hand corner.  Hooray!  

Now onto the serious stuff...............

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 10am daily. Reception closes at 10pm, and rehearsals go till 11pm. What a way to make a living. We have been known to close early very occassionally due to bank holidays/popular sporting events/general feelings of neglect amongst the staff when no one wants to rehearse on a Sunday night etc so please give us a call (0207 833 3375) to double check. 

Do you have wifi?

Sure do, and it's free as well! You will need to sign up at reception to get the day's password, which we regularly change to keep you on your toes.  But because it's free we don't guarantee.  That means if you are doing some kind of video link broadcast, you might not want to take the risk of a drop out.

How do I find your studio?

Go to google maps.Enter in postcode WC1X 9DG. Voila! Or click on location at the top of this page and scroll down. For the old-fashioned  among us... we are located, super conveniently, just by Kings Cross station. 

How much does it cost?

We have 10 superb studios and they are all different prices. Prices depend on your requirements, the number of people using the studio, the day and time you come, how long your session is, what equipment you need and how much you're willing to spend so call us - 0207 833 3375 - for a more specific quote.

Can I film in your studios?

Of course! We're more than happy for you to film in our studios and have had many clients use our studios for that exact reason. We just ask that you keep all filming within the studio you have booked, and don't film in the corridors, or any public areas. As much as we'd all love to be on TV, we're not all always "camera ready" if you know what I mean...You also need to remember that we are a rehearsal studios .  This means bands play LOUDLY.  If you are close micing a very emotional quiet moment you may need total and utter, no air conditioning, pencil dropping quiet.  For this you will need advice on how and when to book.  Not every room is suitable. 

Can I record in your studios?

We are, primarily, a rehearsal studio. While this means we are TOP OF THE LINE for bands who want to rehearse, we're not quuiiiite right for bands who want to record. If you have your own gear this isn't a problem and clients often use our rooms because they sound so great, but if you need us to supply a recording interface we have a Belkin Ipod Recorder. This takes a basic, 1 or 2 channel recording from the room via an ambient mic and records it onto an ipod. There is an additional cost for the use of this magnificent machine, and you can find more by googling http://www.belkin.com/TuneStudio/.  If you need more advice or information please give us a call.

Can we drink or eat in the studios?

Yes. We won't stop you from bringing in breakfast, lunch, dinner or liquid versions of any of these. We also sell an excellent selection of snacks and drinks at our reception tuck shop, from crisps and pork scratchings, to Mars bars, noodles (POT NOODLE!), orange juice and red stripe. We do, however, ask that you respect our lovely staff enough that you will refrain from making a mess, putting liquids onto our electrical equipment, or getting too drunk that we have to carry you and your guitar into a taxi.

What equipment can I hire from you?

Our full equipment list can be found here on the website under Equipment hire, but please note; because of the amount of rock n rollin' musicians using our gear on a daily basis, some items may be down or out of circulation, so please call (and yes we know we're repeating ourselves!) if you're after something specific

What equipment do the studios come with?

All the main studios (Soundstage, Green, Red, Orange, Amber, Yellow) come, as standard, with 3 vocal mics and the PA system (Desk, FX, FOH and monitors (amount of monitors depends on studio)). The "all-inclusive" studios (Mini, Mini Ultra, Maxi) come with the above (except Mini has no monitors) plus drum kit, bass amp, 2 guitar amps. The Piano Writing Room comes with a small PA, 1 vocal mic and upright piano. For more specific info check out the technical spec for an individual studio in the "Studios" section of our website. (So many brackets used in this answer huh? (She says, wondering how she can fit another one in...))

Can I book by the hour?

All our bigger studios have a minimum booking time of 4 hours.  Green and Soundstage have lockout priority.  Only the piano writing room can be booked for 1 hour.  However you can book as much time as you like if we have the space. We don't open in the middle of the night because we like our beds.  Sorry!

Do you have storage?

Yes we do! Storage is available for anything from a single guitar, to full touring backline. Prices are per calender week and range depending on amount of gear, how it's cased, what it is, how long you're storing for, if you rehearse with us, how often you bring us chocolate, you know, the usual. Flick us an email to info@thejoint.org.uk with as much information as you can possibly fit in an email, and we'll get back to you with availability and quotes.

How do I book a studio?

Easiest and quickest way is to give us a call (obviously) on 0207 833 3375 between 10am and 10pm daily. However, we live in a fresh tech age, so if you prefer to let your fingers do the talking, you can also email us at info@thejoint.org.uk or use our "Make an enquiry" button located in strategic places all over our website.

Are there people to help?

You bet ya musical toes there are! Our staff are all trained in sound engineering and are here to help with any questions or issues you may have. We are a busy lot though, so if you need an engineer for your entire session then you can enquire about booking one of our lovely staff members to sit in and be at your beck and call.

Is there somewhere I can put notices/advertising/gig posters up?

Luckily, we have a couple of special boards we dedicate to client notices. A "notice board" if you will. It even includes pins and tacks for your convenience. Stop by and pin something up. Like Pinterest, but real.

Do you have a spares shop?

Do we! What do you need? Strings? Got em. Drumskins? Got em. Plectrums? Got em. Ear plugs? Got em. Jack-to-jacks? Got em. Nail clippers?! GOT EM! 

What is the soundproofing like?

Only flippin' excellent! We can confidently say our sound proofing can only be rivalled by professional recording studios. In the interest of full disclosure, we do need to point out that as we are a rehearsal studio, we cannot guarantee against little nuggets of sound bleed if you are doing any of our own recording. So please bear this in mind when booking, and definitely mention it to the staff! Also in the interest of full disclosure, the sound inside the studios themselves is absolutely delicious. They were designed by Recording Architecture who are basically the best of the best, and as a result our studios are outstanding for clarity at all frequencies.

How far in advance should I book?

As far as you possibly can. Kidding. Except not really, because we do get full very quickly. Weekday evenings are the first to fill up so we suggest at least 2 weeks in advance if you're looking for an after-work jam. The further in advance you can book, the better choice you get of studios, times and equipment. That being said, we do get last minute cancellations and random quiet days so give us a call whenever and try your luck. Also, follow us on twitter and facebook to get info of any last minute availability.

What is access like?

Oh... It's easy. We can arrange load in for splitters, trucks, or any vehicle that essentially says "I own this road".  Any truck can get down Field Street but the driver does need to be an expert!  See our social media for photos :) Studios are on ground and first floor, but luckily we have this handy lift (dimensions internal: height 200cm, width, 117cm, length 234cm) meaning everything can be rolled everywhere! We also have this nifty 24 hour store room, which means you can even pick up and drop off gear outside of our opening hours! Don't say we don't spoil you.

Are you inside the congestion charge zone?

Nope! Just outside it! In the interest of going the extra mile for our customers, we actually bribed the mayor to keep us outside of it. (We didn't). But the first part is true. We are OUTSIDE the congestion charge zone. Driving in London is expensive enough as it is, am I right?!

Is there any parking?

We aren't huge enough to have our own car park, no. BUT! you can park on the street at the following times:
Mon-Fri after 6.30pm.
Saturday after 1.30pm.
Sunday all day!

There is also an open-air 'euro car park' on Brittania Street, which is conveniently situated just 2 streets down from us. Pretty sure we single handedly keep that car park in business.

What is your cancellation policy?

Okay... here comes information overload (definitely easiest to call us...)

Standard bookings have a 72 hour (3 days) cancellation time otherwise 100% of the cost of the session is charged.

Lockouts have a 144 hour (6 days) cancellation time. If you cancel after this there's a 100% charge.

Block bookings (6 or more sessions booked at a time) have a 144 hour (6 days) cancellation time. If you cancel between 6 and 3 days there's a 50% charge, between 3 and 0 days there's a 100% charge. However, for block bookings if we manage to sell the room then there is no charge.

Single occupancy bookings have a 1 hour cancellation time, that works both ways. So, you can cancel up to an hour before the start of your session with no charge, however, we can also cancel you with an hours' notice if we get fully booked (oooo turning tables!)

What are the measurements of your doors/lift?

While we're sure our doors are horribly embarrassed for us to share this information, here are some measurements since you asked so nicely:

Front door: 42 inches / 106.68 cm
Studio doors: 37 inches / 93.98 cm

Anything that fits in the front door will fit in the lift!

Can we still smoke in the studios?

No. No you most certainly cannot. Firstly, it's terrible for your health. Secondly, it's illegal. Thirdly, if you chose to ignore Firstly and Secondly, and decide to smoke inside regardless, we are liable to be fined thousands of pounds, which we will not hesitate to pass on to you to pay. Same goes with any damage to equipment, or cleaning costs that are incurred. This answer may sound like a threat. That's cause it is. Don't smoke in our studio.